Hello to everyone who read the flier.  Thank you for not just using it  to throw at your buddy next to you in line.  Feel free to look over the rest of the website (www.ymbdoor.com) to see everything that we will be offering to you soon.   We will be attending Con of the North to be there side by side enjoying the games, events, and the ever dark computer den.  Unfortunately, the the time we need to put in to bring Your Mom’s Basement up to speed will be restricting us to showing up only on  Saturday, February 19th.  Please try to find us amongst the crowds as we are walking around enjoying the Con.  In fact if you have looked over the rest of the website you will see that we will be running an “Achievement Point” system with a variety of subjects at the store.  Some of these will be for nothing more than bragging rights, but some will unlock discounts, prizes, and maybe even a free mount (as WoW people are starting to drool).  If you are lucky enough to come across us, we will marked, you will be one of the few to get the “A Needle in a Haystack” achievement.  While this is a 1 time achievement and means nothing on its own it goes nicely with the “Once Upon a Time” achievement for showing up to the Grand Opening on the 1st May.  These two achievements earn you a $5 gift certificate good on next visit.  So look for us there, I will be there most of the day, my buddy Dan will be there a bit later.  Looking forward to talking to you and enjoy the Con.

Douglas & Dan

Co-Owners of Your Mom’s Basement