I’m not good with introductions (which is usually stated by someone who actually is… in this case it’s true though). I’m Bob, local level1 judge for Your Mom’s Basement, and an avid Magic the Gathering fan (avid, in the sense that people are avid for water). I play primarily standard, but enjoy all formats of the game.

With FNM still just in its infancy at The Basement, and people getting used to standard, many players still look to drafting to get better at playing the game of magic, not to mention it helps to build card stock and it’s an enjoyable way to utilize booster packs. We also have a brand new block coming out (Ravnica Returns, you might have heard about it) and it looks amazing for both limited and constructed. And I mean amazing (so much so I created an extra sentence and side note just to show how amazing it is).

I could look at her all day long.

I think we’re all excited to crack our first booster in draft and open up some Legendary Dragons and planeswalkers to bring fear and rage to our opponents. But what if you don’t open a bomb mythic/rare? What if you don’t even get a decent uncommon for your first pick? Well, I’m here to give you a little insight into what cards to look for if your booster just doesn’t have that exciting build-around-me card you wanted.

I also want apologize for the page breaks, I couldn’t get the formatting to work out right, and this was the only way to make the post not look like a jumbled mess.