Hey everyone, this is Josh if you didn’t know already, and I will be your guide for playing in the limited format. Going to be a short post, but I promise more in depth ones later.

Now this last weekend was prerelease of the amazing set Return to Ravnica. I am sure most of you participated in at least one event this last weekend and I hope you enjoyed yourself and got some useful cards. Now with that said, this last weekend was all limited formats, mainly sealed, and limited can be tricky for newer players because it requires a different mindset to play and do well in it. Today I am going to show you a card that mostly was looked over in limited and I will tell you why it’s amazing.

And with that take a look,


Now this enchantment at first glance may seem like nothing special, but you would be dead wrong. In a format where most of the decks you will be building are going to be 2, 3, or even 4 color because we have shocklands, guild gates and keyrunes for getting our other colors, this turns all those multicolored spells into free damage or removal. Both of which are very important, but I will delve into that on a later date.

So that Izzet Charm you were going to play to draw two and discard two, why not deal 2 damage with it as well. Oh your playing a Dramatic Rescue to get rid of a blocker? Go ahead and shock them with it. Get my point? I challenge you to try it out yourself in your next draft or sealed and see how much work this beauty will do.

Well that does it for me today, but look to the future for more posts on tricks and things to look for in Limited and Magic in general. I will try to get in at least one more post before this weekend since we will all be playing in Limited again since it’s release weekend. Toodles!