I know I said my next article was about cards to avoid when drafting Return to Ravnica, but with new standard (Innistrad Block, M13, and RtR) beginning in just a day at your local Friday Night Magic store, I really wanted to talk about some forgotten constructed playables. Certain rares and mythics always cycle in and out of standard play depending what decks are currently popular, others just never get their day in the sun, but with a new format just starting let’s see what cards we might be able to dig up and build around.

Living dead getting you down?

Angel of Glory’s Rise

Coming out of the gate, Zombies looks like the deck to beat, and this Angel has a good idea of how to do it. Seven mana is pretty high, so unless you’re planning on reanimating her you probably only want to run 1-2 as a possible finisher. You could also make her the top end of a human tribal deck with a lot of ‘enters the battlefield’ abilities; here’s a short list of humans that fit the bill: Captain of the Watch, Cathedral Sanctifier, Disciple of Bolas, Fiend Hunter, Geist-Honored Monk, Huntmaster of the Fells, Lightning Mauler, & Zealous Conscripts. Five toughness is also important when facing down Mortars.

Thankfully this vampire does more than sparkle.

Bloodline Keeper // Lord of Lineage

This card was one of the biggest blowouts in limited, but sadly needs to untap to be really good in constructed. While he and his tokens still die to Mizzium Mortars, he does avoid abrupt decay if that becomes a popular removal spell in standard, so maybe this Vampire lord has a place. I see three ways to utilize Bloodline Keeper: A black based control deck utilizing him as a finisher. A token deck using Sorin to make more vampires. And lastly in a R/B vampire deck, where alongside Olivia could be able to instantly flip into Lord of Lineage and +2/+2 your entire team (which doesn’t require a black card on top of your deck like Nocturnus.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

Disciple of Bolas

While sacrificing a creature isn’t something people usually want to do, the card advantage and life gain Disciple generates can be game breaking. The trick is to find creatures that want to die, that preferably have three power or more. Geralf’s Messenger, Thragtusk, andVeilborn Ghoul are the first to come to mind, giving you a body back in addition to 3-5 cards. The other angle to attack is creatures that don’t necessarily want to die, but have extremely high power for their cost: Ghoultree, Jarad, and Loxodon Smiter all seem good. Disciple may be just the thing you want to gain life to survive the aggro, and draw cards to win the control matchups.

Elite Inquisitor

Short and sweet here. White Based Aggro actually seems very strong with a lot of powerful two drops. This and Knight of Glory will give those decks a huge one up against the zombie decks.