Let’s just get this out-of-the-way: TARMOGOYF IS GETTING REPRINTED.

If you’ve ever played with or against the Goyf, you probably just wet yourself out of passion or fear of the card. Thankfully (at least in this player’s opinion), Tarmogoyf is not coming back to standard; instead, Wizards of the Coast has announced an interesting new product coming out June 2013.

Modern Masters is a 229 card sealed set, sold in booster packs. The set list was developed by hand picking cards from 8th Edition through Alara Reborn, focusing mostly on Modern format staples (like Tarmogoyf), and cards that would allow it to be a draftable set. The purpose of this (besides being awesome): Allow newer players better access to older cards, to actually build and compete in Modern tournaments.

Besides having a higher power level compared to your average booster set, Modern Masters forgoes the normal basic land slot in the pack, and adds a foil card. Yes, this means 100% chance to pull a foil out of a booster pack, and that instead of 14 draftable cards per pack, there will be 15 (much like older sets before they added basic lands to boosters). The set will also include a handful of token cards that have never seen paper print before (you always wanted real Bat tokens for your Skeletal Vampire right?)

So what’s the trade off for all this awesome? Boosters are going to MSRP for $6.99 per booster instead of the normal $3.99. While slightly off-putting, I think an extra $3 is worth it for the power level this set has, and the guaranteed foil card, not to mention it should be a blast to draft. And even if you don’t end up playing Modern, there should be a good number of Commander playables, and lots of trade-able cards for those who do.

With that, I give you Tarmogoyf:

Modern Masters Tarmogoyf