Hey all,

This weekend’s magic schedule is going to be very different from our usual weekends.  I will continue to repost this throughout the week.  Please share this and help make others aware of this weekend’s changes.

There will NOT be Modern this Saturday.

Friday 2/1 12:00am – Midnight Release! (Booster Draft & Super Sealed)
Friday 2/1 7:00pm – FNM Sealed Format
Saturday 2/2 7pm – Booster Draft
Sunday 2/3 7pm – Standard

Event Descriptions:
Midnight Release – Pick up your preordered booster boxes and be able to purchase all gatecrash product we have in stock, including Gatecrash Booster boxes, Fat Packs, Guild packs, and singles!

Midnight Booster Draft – $15 Entry Fee. Your first chance to draft Gatecrash. Draft packs will be triple Gatecrash (no Return to Ravnica).

Midnight Super Sealed: $7 Entry Fee + a sealed Gatecrash Booster Box (You can provide your own or purchase one from the store). Did you preorder a box or are planning on purchasing one at the midnight release? Why not play with it before dumping all the singles into a binder. Crack all 36 boosters and build a 60+ card deck and play against others. Great way to test out the new cards in a standard-like environment.

FNM Sealed Format – $30 Entry Fee. Receive Six Gatecrash boosters to build a 40 card minimum deck. Prizes & FNM promos given out based on record. FNM promo card will be Reliquary Tower.

Booster Draft – $15 Entry Fee. If you didn’t get a chance to draft at the midnight release (or just want to draft the new set some more) we will be running our second booster draft Saturday at 7 pm instead of our normally scheduled Modern tournament.

Standard – $7 Entry Fee. Our first standard tournament where gatecrash is legal. Use all of those singles you’ve cracked from prerelease, release, and product to build a 60+ card standard deck and take on all comers in this brand new meta.

Upcoming Events:
Standard format FNM will return Friday the 8th, and Modern tournaments will return Saturday the 9th.

Friday the 15th will be Two-Headed Giant Sealed deck using gatecrash boosters.