Hey everyone, we have a busy weekend coming up!



At 10:00 am on Saturday we will be setting up some of our games at certain tables for people to demo for free.  All of our demo games will be available so if there is something that you have been wanting to try Saturday is the day to do it!

Some of our games will also be 15% the normal listed price, and yes if you have a YMB membership you will still receive your discount on top of that!

In the evening we will have Steve Jackson demos so be sure to come check that out as well!

Pathfinder and Modern will still be going on as well, so be sure to get here early to ensure that you have a table as space will be limited!



This event begins at 12:00pm, round 1 begins at 12:15pm  Same day registration begins at 10:00am.  To avoid the crowd and save yourself $5.00, we strongly urge you to preregister.  You can do this anytime from now until closing time on Saturday, March 30th.

$30.00 if you preregister
$35.00 if you pay on tournament day

Same day registration begins at 10:00am and closes at noon.

Standard Constructed
This is a competitive level event. Deck lists will be required.

There will be 6 rounds of swiss cutting to a Top 8.

Prize Payout:
1st Place – $300 – $599.99 depending on attendance
2nd Place – Booster Box of any Standard Set
3rd – 8th Place – Booster Packs

Late admittance will not be accepted.
This event has a twenty person participation minimum and a fifty person maximum.