YMB Logo 24hrThe end of this month not only concludes the Return to Ravnica block, it also marks the start of our 24 hour weekends.  This is not just for the prerelease weekend, it is every weekend!  We will open Friday morning at 10:00 am and close Sunday night…(Monday morning) at 1:00 am!

Also, we are accepting reservations on Guild Packs for Dragon’s Maze prerelease.  You can do this in person or over the phone.

We have six pre release events:  Saturday, April 27 at Midnight, 2:00pm, 7:00pm; and Sunday at Midnight, 2:00pm, and 7:00pm.  Limit one pack per person per event please.

We will also be adding new food items to the menu very soon.

Thanks everyone for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!