We will not be hiking the price on From the Vault: Twenty.  We feel that everyone should get a fair shot at this collection.

Due to the demand of Jace the Mindsculptor, ahem, From the Vault: Twenty, we are offering From the Vault: Twenty as a prize option in a series of tournaments that will follow its release date of August 23rd.

When you go undefeated in a tournament, not only will you get your regular prize payout, you will get the option to purchase a From the Vault from us for the MSRP of $39.99!

Events must have at least eight people!


Sunday, August 25th – 7:00 pm, Standard $7.00

Monday, August 26th – 7:00 pm, Draft $15.00

Tuesday, August 27th – 7:00 pm, Legacy, $7.00

Wednesday, August 28th – 7:00 pm, Draft, $15.00

Thursday, August 29th – 7:00 pm, Draft, $15:00

NOTE: You are welcome to participate in all of the events for the prize packs, but only one From the Vault will be awarded per person.  Once you have won yours, that is all you will be getting.

vault 20

Call us at 651-414-0375 if you have any questions!