From The Vault: 20 for MSRP Tournaments

Note: 8 Player minimum for tournament to begin.

Tournaments start on Sunday August 25th. There will be the standard prize distribution for each tournament. In addition, any persons who have a Perfect Match Score (commonly 3-0), within their pod or whole tournament, has the opportunity to purchase a single From The Vault: 20, at MSRP value ($39.99).

Anyone who’s already won the opportunity to purchase a copy of FTV:20 from Your Mom’s Basement, will NOT be eligible to purchase another one, but will receive normal prize distribution for their placement in further tournaments, and the FTV:20 eligibility will pass to the next person, based on final standings.

All tournaments will be head judged by Judge-Bob-Craig due too the increased prize opportunity (who sadly won’t get to play in said tournaments).

After the first week of tournaments, if there is remaining FTV:20 product in stock, we will Repeat the Tournament Schedule following weeks, Until We Are Out of Product.

To receive the ability to purchase FTV:20 as a possible prize in a given tournament,

From The Vault: 20 Tournament Schedule

Starting Sunday August 25th

Sunday: 7pm, Standard. Our normal event, this time with an added first place prize.

Monday: 7pm, M14 Draft. Come core set draft for our normal prize payout and a chance at an   MSRP costed FTV20

Tuesday: 7pm, Legacy. Our first legacy even EVER! Come break new ground and get a chance   to get a dirt cheap Jace, the Mind Sculptor. No proxies allowed.

Wednesday: 7pm, RTR Block Draft. A fall back to the last few month’s of everyone’s            favorite draft format!

Thursday: 7pm, M14 Draft. Come join us on our normal draft night, for what may be the last    chance to get an MSRP FTV20.

Schedule Continues Until We Run Out Of FTV:20 Product!!