Prerelease events start tonight at midnight, and keep going all weekend!

Here’s everything you need/want to know about your local Born of the Gods prerelease at Your Mom’s Basement.

Sealed Deck Events:

Saturday: 12:01 AM, 2 PM, and 7pm

Sunday: 12:01 AM, and 2 PM

Super Two-Headed Giant:

Sunday 7pm

Costs for all events is $25 per player (YMB Members get 10% off! )

Each event will be 3 rounds of swiss pairings, and then prize payout based off of record: 3 wins will receive 5 boosters, 2 wins get 2 boosters, and everyone else (even if you didn’t win one match) will still receive a booster pack. Prize boosters are Born of the Gods.

For each event, each player will receive a Born of the Gods sealed deck kit, containing 3 Theros Boosters, 2 Born of the Gods Boosters, and 1 Seeded Born of the Gods Booster. You also get a free spin down die, and a Hero card used at Born of the Gods Game Day (March 1st and 2nd). For Two-Headed Giant, each team, of two players, will receive two of these sealed deck kits and combine the contents to make a deck for each player on the team.

Seeded Boosters have one primary color (of your choice) that has your promo rare in it, and another rare/mythic of your color (if it’s a mythic, it can only be one of the two gods that contain your color). Commons/uncommons in the seeded booster are primarily your chosen color, however may contain cards of other colors that support your color.

Here’s all the Prerelease promos for each color:

Having issues deciding what color to choose at the prerelease? Here’s a link to Melissa De Tora’s article discussing a professional’s take on each color for the prerelease.

What to Bring to a Prerelease:

Prereleases are limited format events, so you don’t need to bring any cards with you to come and play. However, there are a few supplies you should bring if you think they’re necessary:

  • Empty Card Sleeves: At least 40 of the same sleeves, that way you can sleep up your prerelease decks and not have to worry about damaging them during play. If you plan on playing multiple events, you can use the same set of sleeves for each one.
  • A Playmat: Another great way to protect your cards, plus they’re a great way to show off.
  • Dice for Counters/Tokens: A large portion of the set uses +1/+1 counters on creatures, or you might pull Kiora (The Blue/Green Planeswalker) and need to represent loyalty counters some how.

Your Mom’s Basement does sell all of these supplies and more if you want to purchase them on location. Our kitchen will also be open all night and all day during the events, so if you get hungry we can help with that too!

Born of the Gods Value Cards

As a final service, we’d like to show you some of the higher monetary value rares and mythics in the set. That way you can be a little more informed if you do any trading of cards at the prerelease. Your Mom’s Basement doesn’t like people sharking cards (trading low value cards for high value you cards from people who aren’t aware of the price difference) any more than you do. We like our store to stay a comfortable place to hang out, play magic, and trade cards.

Prices are based off of StarCityGames pricing as of 1/31/14

Brimaz, King of Oreskos (Pre-Order: Ships Feb 7)
Brimaz, King of Oreskos: $29.99

Xenagos, God of Revels (Pre-Order: Ships Feb 7)
Xenagos, God of Revels: $24.99