While we were all eagerly discussing the new set Born of the Gods (that officially releases TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!), Wizards threw a lot of information our way.

Modern & EDH Bannings

Monday saw quite a shake up of the modern format with the banning of Deathrite Shaman, and the unbannings of two very powerful cards in Wild Nacatl and Bitterblossom.

Deathrite Shaman
Wild Nacatl

To paraphrase the reasons for the unbannings and banning: Wild Nacatl was originally banned back in December of 2011, as modern Zoo (a bunch of low cost animals + burn spells. Usually Naya colors.) was one of the most dominant aggro decks in the meta, and was supposedly keeping other aggro decks on the sidelines of playability in the format. After two full years of being banned no other aggro deck really rose to replace Wild Nacatl Zoo (besides some increase in affinity which was already played), and Wizards finally decided to have the kitty cat come back (just in time to join her Kitty Cat King: Brimaz).

Bitterblossom was banned at the creation of the Modern format, due to fear of Faeries rising to total dominance. Wizards now feels that Modern has enough tools to combat the flying menace that dominated standard for two years, and unbanned the card that Aaron Forsythe and Mark Rosewater actually apologized for making too strong.

Deathrite Shaman’s banning was a bit more surprising, but not unexpected. The standard playable but eternal format staple was banned for a variety of reason, but mostly for just being too efficient. It was a birds of paradise that was relevant mid and late game against both the aggressive decks and the slower control decks of the format, all while helping to shut down graveyard based decks. I think Polish Tamales created a very accurate portrayal of Modern Deathrite fans’ feelings:

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Lastly EDH (Commander) banning changes were also announced, and another way-too-efficient creature was added to their list: Sylvan Primordial.

Sylvan Primordial
EDH Banned
At least he’s starting to see standard play

Click here for the announcement & reasoning behind the banning.


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Born of the Gods Deck Event Decklist!

Click here for the Daily MTG Arcana Decklist

If you don’t want to read over the list, let me break down the most important pieces for you:

1x Desecration Demon, 1x Pack Rat, 1x Hero’s Downfall, and 2x Xathrid Necromancer

This is by far one of the better value event decks they’ve made, especially if you’re still missing some of these Mono-Black staples.

Born of the Gods Schedule!

Lastly, I’d like to tell you what’s coming up shortly for Born of the Gods and Your Mom’s Basement.

At Midnight tonight you can pick up any preordered Born of the Gods product (or purchase more!), and we’ll have a booster draft going on using 2 Born of the Gods Boosters and only 1 Theros Booster.

That’s right! For the time being, all limited YMB events using Born of the Gods will focus on giving you out more packs of Born than Theros!

We’ll also have THREE EVENTS for Friday FNM. We have normal Standard at 7pm (Born of the Gods legal), and Booster Draft at 9:30pm (2 Born, 1 Theros again), and we’ll also be running a Born of the Gods Two-Headed Giant starting at 7pm, using a Booster pool of 6 Born of the Gods and only 2 Theros!

Also starting this weekend we start sign ups for our Newest Sealed Deck league starting up! Here’s the official flyer, isn’t it awesome!

May the Gods be with you!