Hey league players!

Sunday, February 9th begins our Born of the Gods League!  Sign up between February 7th and February 16th.

How it Works:

You will receive one of the prerelease packs as your six starting booster packs.  With these packs you will construct a 40 card deck using ONLY cards from that six pack pool.

On the 16th, when week 1 pairings have been posted, you will compete against four other players in the league.

Each additional week, you will receive a new pack to add to your pool which you can use to change your deck accordingly.  Week 2 – Theros, Week 3 – BOTG, Week 4 – Theros, Week 5 – BOTG.

At the end of the Week 5 you will have 10 packs in total.

Prize payout will be awarded after week 5 based on your standings.  The amount that top players receive depends on the total amount of player in league.

If you have questions, call us at 651-414-0375.

We look forward to seeing you!