Hey Magic fans and Boardgame fans, we have a double event this Saturday!

April 5th, starting at 11:00am, we will be holding our first Grand Prix Qualifier.  Tournament entry will be $5.00 and the format will be Modern.  Be sure to have a deck list ready and consult the Modern banned list to ensure that all of your cards are Modern Legal.  We open our doors at 10:00am.  Be sure to get here early so we are able to check your deck and get you entered!

For those of you that are board game fans, we will be running Tabletop Day all day long.  Feel free to bring in your favorite board game or play our rental games free of charge!  All board games will be 15% off from open to close on April 5th!

We look forward to see you all for our exciting Saturday Double Event!


Save the Date!
Save the Date!