First off, we all want to thank you for making Big Week a total success!  We look forward to doing it again September 14th – 20th.

This week we are going to hold a premiere D&D Expeditons on Monday starting at 6:00pm.  We will have another table starting around 7:30pm for some of you latecomers.

We are also holding a premiere D&D Encounters on Wednesday at 6:00pm.

We have a sign up sheet in the store.  If you plan on attending either event, please write your name down so we know how many tables to set up.  If this is your first time playing a game like this, we will be happy to walk you though the steps.

Both events are free to play.  If anyone is interested in being a DM for either Expeditions and/or encounters, let us know.  Remember, DMs eat for free and may possibly get some cool free stuff for their time.  We look forward to seeing you this week!