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Yes, that is Maro punching a guy in a bear costume

Last Saturday evening, at a Pax Prime MTG party, we got our first real look at new cards coming out of the upcoming Khans of Tarkir set. The party was a wild one, with lots of bear punching, mixed drinks for each clan, and even some cosplayers.  Since that party, we’ve had our first official preview week and finish the week (or the writing of this article) at a total 75 cards spoiled.

We’ll be covering some of those previews today, but if you just can’t wait and need to see all 75, hop over to Mythic Spoiler for everything we’ve seen from the set.

Before I get into the set, I might be referring to certain color combinations by their clan names, so to prevent future confusion, here’s a quick reference guide:

Abzan: White, Green, Black (commonly known as Junk)

Jeskai: Blue, White, Red (commonly known as America)

Sultai: Black, Blue, Green (commonly known as BUG)

Mardu: Red, Black, White (commonly known as Dega)

Temur: Green, Red, Blue (commonly known as RUG)

So let’s introduce ourselves to Khans of Tarkir, starting off with the Khans themselves.













You’ll notice that we’re missing one. The bear punching Khan of the Temur clan hasn’t been spoiled yet, but hopefully Wizards has that issue solved by next week. All four of the Khans we do have are fantastic, great for Commander and most even have good standard possibilities (Anafenza even has some talk about being played in Modern Birthing Pod decks). Sidsi seems to be a lot of peoples favorite, being a mini Grave Titan that also self mills and sets up for his clan’s mechanic of Delve.



Here’s Wizard’s official article about upcoming promos for the set. They’ll be doing something a little different this time around for intro decks and prerelease rares. There will be 40 prerelease promos. Yes, 40 of them! Each player will pick a clan, and receive one random promo (there’s 8 per clan) in addition to their 6 booster packs (one is a seeded booster pack). The intro deck rares will actual be getting the alternate art treatment this time around (shown in the article). The more exciting promo cards are the buy-a-box promo, and the Game Day promos:
















are both returning to this set. Both characters are receiving fancy new third versions, Sarkhan becoming mono-red and Sorin staying the course with his white-black combination. Sarkhan is also the third planeswalker to be able to transform into a creature (the first two both being Gideon), although Sarkhan gets a new party trick in that he doesn’t stay a planeswalker while he’s a dragon (that and being indestructible. It’s good to be a dragon). Both planeswalkers start at a high four loyalty and have easily reachable ultimates. We don’t know if there will be a third planeswalker in this set, but a handful of cards are certainly hinting very strongly that we’ll see the printing of a fairly unknown planeswalker Ugin in one of the remaining two sets in the block.














Ugin was a dragon planeswalker that utilized colorless magic, and was one of the original planeswalkers responsible for sealing the eldrazi in their prison on Zendikar. Sorin and Sarkhan find Ugin’s final resting place on Tarkir. However, Wizards has stated this block will be including some time travel, so not only do I suspect we’ll be seeing card versions of the original five dragons that the clans are named after, but also a planeswalker card version of Ugin (marking potentially the second time we’ll have access to a colorless planeswalker).



Ok, here’s the real reason many of you are buying so many preorders. The original Onslaught fetchlands are getting reprinted into both Standard, and maybe more importantly, Modern. Standard is losing its fetchable shocklands, but shuffle effects and some quick color fixing are always welcome. Modern on the other hand gains another five fetches, hopefully relieving some of the need for the enemy colored Zendikar fetchlands on the format (and relieving some price from entering the format). Even legacy gets a little cheaper entry cost from this reprinting, although you’ll still want to pick up the dual lands that go with these fetches.


New previews are coming in daily (it will likely slow down over the weekend), so expect a bunch of cool new cards to be announced in the next couple weeks while we wait for the sets release on September 26th (prerelease the weekend of September 20th & 21st).