We will be finishing of Big Week with a bang tonight!  Come join us for Chaos 2HG at 7:00pm. All of our packs will be fair game in this tournament.  If you want to use Avacyn Restored, it will be a $4.00 upcharge per pack.  Entry is $20.00 per player.


Our first Khans of Tarkir Prerelease will be at 12:01am.  Entry is $25.00. After the three rounds of prerelese are completed, the 3-0s will have the option to cut to top to win a From the Vault Annihilation for FREE! We will have five more prerelease events after that.  The From the Vault prize will only be offered at the first event.

Full Prerelease Schedule:

Saturday – 12:01am, 2:00pm, 7:00pm

Sunday – 12:01am, 2:00pm, 7:00pm