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In 2012 we opened a game store in the northeast suburbs of the Twin Cities.  We were open for four and a half years and had a wonderful time meeting many different types of gamers from all over the city.


We prided ourselves in having a full cafe kitchen where we were able to make food for long RPG sessions or offer quick snacks between rounds in Magic: The Gathering.

Unfortunately, we had to close our doors at the end of 2016 because of rising cost of business.  We had met so many wonderful people that we decided to do what we could to keep the community going.  That is what we hope this site will do, allow all of us to keep in touch through scheduled events around the cities, and following our reviews and gameplay online.

It may not be a perfect substitute for the brick and mortar store, but we hope it brings you a bit of the happiness we felt every time we saw you these past four and a half years.